Making a Difference...

Undergraduate and graduate students in the WAMI Center engage in research to bring forth tomorrow's advances in wireless technology.

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State of the Art...

The WAMI Center's Microwave Characterization Laboratory has advanced microwave/mm-wave measurement capability for active and passive device characterization and modeling.

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Team Work...

The 40+ graduate students in the WAMI Center collaborate, cross-train and take pride in the open working environment.

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Making it Right...

To perform research at the leading edge of technology, WAMI students often develop novel and original scientific instrumentation.

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Under a Microscope...

The WAMI Center has pioneered several new micro- and nano-device technologies.

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Teaching through Research ...

The wireless curriculum is closely linked to the WAMI research activity. In some courses, patents and refereed publications results from class projects.

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Welcome to WAMI - the Center for Wireless and Microwave Information Systems.

Research and discovery in the RF/microwave/communications areas is the primary focus of the faculty and students in the WAMI Center. To enable this research, the Center maintains state of the art facilities for microwave/mm-wave characterization, and together with the USF Nanotechnology Research and Education Center (NREC) supports a wide range of micro- and nano-fabrication capabilities. A broad spectrum of measurement instrumentation is also available for research in the communications area. The Center supports a comprehensive graduate curriculum that combines fundamental theory with many opportunities for hands-on, real-world engineering experience.