About WAMI

"The key to the success of the WAMI Center, however, are the students and our supporters throughout industry and the federal agencies"

Mission & Reports

The WAMI Center, part of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida, was formed in 1996. The center carries forward a strong heritage of RF & microwave education and research that dates back to the university's founding in 1956. Today the WAMI Center provides a diverse offering of undergraduate and graduate courses, and its faculty are pursuing research in areas of national and global significance. The center places a strong emphasis on its partnerships and support from the local and national industry, and together with its graduate student researchers pursues its mission to advance the state of knowledge in the wireless and microwave field. The Wireless and Microwave curriculum offers the BSEE, MSEE and the Ph.D. degrees and a Graduate Certificate in Wireless Engineering.