The WAMI Center currently has a broad range of course offerings covering electromagnetic field theory, passive & active microwave devices and systems design and characterization, MMIC, MEMS, wireless communications, etc.

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The WAMI Center offers a wide range of courses covering circuit and system design in the field of RF/wireless engineering. The hardware-oriented courses cover the spectrum of passive to active circuits, printed circuit board (PCB) to monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMIC) to electromagnetics. Each course has a mix of theory, design, simulation, fabrication and characterization content. The courses also utilize industry standard techniques and tools such as Keysight Technologies Advanced Design System, Ansys/Ansoft HFSS and Modelithics simulation models.

As a student you will also have the opportunity to design MMICs using the Qorvo GaAs process design kit, and have your own designs fabricated by Qorvo; the manufactured GaAs circuits may be subsequently characterized in the RF/MW Measurements course or as part of a directed study. You will also have the opportunity to design and build PCB amplifiers in RF/MW Circuits II (low noise) and in RF & MW Power Amplifier Design, and gain experience using measurement-based CAD models provided by Modelithics.

Course Name Wireless Circuits & Systems Lab RF/MW Circuits I RF/MW Circuits II Monolithic Microwave Circuits RF/MW Power Amplifier Design RF/MW Measurements Antenna Theory Advanced Antenna Theory
Notes 1 , 3 1 , 3 , 4 1 , 3 , 4 1 , 4 , 5 1 , 3 , 4 2 2
Active Circuits
Passive Circuits
Hybrid/PCB Circuits
Monolithic Circuits

      Course Content:       H - high, M - medium, L - low
Theory H H H M H M H H
Design M M H H H L M M
Simulation H H H H H L H H
Fabrication M L L H H L L L
Characterization H L L L L H L L
1.     Keysight Technologies Advanced Design System software is used for circuit/electromagnetic simulation.
2.     Ansys/Ansoft HFSS is used for electromagnetic simulation.
3.     Modelithics library models are used for circuit design/simulation.
4.     Qorvo GaAs Process Design Kit is used for circuit design/simulation.
5.     Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) designs are fabricated by Qorvo.

Course List

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EEL 6486C Electromagnetic Field Theory

This course is intended for developing graphics design concepts in undergraduate students. Learning engineering drawing fundamentals, design views, design and analysis of mechanical engineering power transmission components using computer aided software.
EEL 6486C Advanced Electromagnetic Field Theory

PR: EEL 6486C.
Time harmonic fields emphasizing problems with exact solutions in the rectangular, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems. Solutions by methods, Green's functions and vector methods.
EEL 6426 RF/Microwave Circuits I

PR: EEL 4471 and ELR 4316L or Graduate Standing.
Provides an introduction to passive RF/microwave/wireless circuit design. Topics to be covered include distributed transmission line theory, lumped circuit and network analysis, impedance matching, and the design of various microwave components.
EEL 6427 RF/Microwave Circuits 2

PR: EEL 6426.
This course presents the design theory and analysis of microwave transistor amplifiers and oscillators. Lectures, homework, and CAD projects develop an understanding of the design and performance issues for this class of circuits.
EEL 6935 Monolithic Microwave Circuits 3
EEL 6936 Advanced Monolithic MW Circuits

EEL 6534 Digital Communication Systems

Digital communication & info. theory. Random processes. Digital modulation and demodulation. Source & channel coding. Detection theory: matched filter and sequence detection. Multiple access techniques. Spread spectrum & multiuser radio communications.
EEL 6509 Satellite Communications

PR: EEL 6534.
Satellite characteristics, link calculations, earth station, frequency management, large and small mobile earth terminals. Digital communication for satellites: modulation coding and multiple-access techniques. Examples including the INTELSAT series.
EEL 6593 Mobile and Personal Communication

PR: EEL 6534.
Characteristics of wireless mobile channels indoor and outdoor ; multipath and shadow fading, frequency reuse; micro and pico cells; base-station and portable units. Cell coverage, blocking, and co-channel interference. TDMA, FDMA, CDMA and hybrid approaches to multiple access. Protocols, hand-over. Voice, data, and multi-media over wireless indoor channels.
EEL 5462 Antenna Theory

PR: EEL 4471 or GS.
Antenna theory beginning with fundamental parameter definitions and continuing with mathematical concepts, elemental antennas and arrays.
EEL 6463 Advanced Antenna Theory

PR: : EEL 5462.
Electromagnetic radiating systems studied by analytical and numerical methods.
EEL 6481C Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetism

PR: EEL 5462, EEL 6486CC.
Review of Maxwell's equations. Finite differences, finite elements, boundary elements method of moments. Introduction to geometric theory of optics and diffraction.
EEL 6935 MEMS I/Chemical and Biomedical Sensors 3
EEL 6935 MEMS II 3