About WAMI

"The key to the success of the WAMI Center, however, are the students and our supporters throughout industry and the federal agencies"

Primary Faculty Members

Dr. Jing Wang, (Co-Director) Professor EE
Research Areas: RF MEMS and RFIC

Dr. Lawrence Dunleavy, (Co-Director) Professor EE
Research Areas: microwave and millimeter-wave device, circuit and system design, characterization and modeling.

Dr. Gokhan Mumcu, Professor EE
Research Areas: Electromagnetic theory, Computational electromagnetics, THz imaging systems, Metamaterials and Antennas Reconfigurable RF Devices & Systems Laboratory

Dr. Richard Gitlin, Distinguished Professor EE, Agere Systems Chair, State of Florida 21st. Century Scholar, National Academy of Engineering, and Fellow of IEEE
Research Areas: Communications and Networks

Dr. Stavros Vakalis, Assistant Professor, EE
Research Areas: Wireless Systems, Millimeter-Wave Imaging, Radar, Communications

Dr. Ismail Uysal, Assistant Professor EE
Research Areas: Wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies; sensory data analysis, algorithm design and machine learning.

Affiliated Faculty Members

Dr. Thomas Weller, (Co-Founder / Former Director - 2018) Professor and Chair EECS at Oregon State University
Research Areas: RF/mm-wave circuits and antennas

Dr. Stephen E. Saddow, Professor
Research Areas: Wide-bandgap silicon carbide semiconductor materials for Bio, Nano and MEMS applications. Smart implants and sensors for biomedical and harsh environment applications.
Dr. Saddow's Website

Ashwin B. Parthasarathy, Assistant Professor EE
Research Areas: Biomedical instrumentation and imaging techniques with optics, intraoperative imaging, and the clinical translation of these medial devices for applications.
Translational Optics Imaging and Spectroscopy Lab